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Fernando Casás

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Fernando Casás

Experimental artist who lives between Spain and Brazil, Fernando Casás (Fernando Estarque Casás, Gondomar, 1946) has developed since the late sixties an innovative work, always linked to memory, energy and the passage of time, developing a personal project considered by critics as a precursor of the Art & Nature movements. His work constitutes a complex corpus that is difficult to contextualize, since it has abandoned the traditional rules of art and is not limited by genres, materials or by the impositions of contemporary taste.

Before ethics than aesthetics, this work takes place in three parallel and recurrent ways: the dematerialized side [sensations of a moment that is not repeated]; the ephemeral work [small and intimate incursions into the environment]; and what we could call formal works where, transiting through different plastic supports that go from the use of worn material to new technologies. Both the materials and the languages used by the artist are never defining, but expressive of the different concepts present in his work.

Fernando Casás works from research that resulted in new materials and procedures, such as archaeological remains, painting by water, with which he captures the movements of liquids and the use of phosphorescence in the work of art.

In 1989 she won the Ibeu/Brazil-United States Award with Amazonas, Black Series, considered the best individual of the year in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This same year he returns to settle in Galicia. In 1994 he won the Burgo das Nacións International Prize of the University of Santiago de Compostela.


Apartamento Carvalhino

The large windows of this semi-interior holiday apartment look out over the interior courtyard that is enlivened by the garden and the sound of the water playing in the fountain, while a series of high windows capture the morning light from Rua de Entre Quintas. This holiday apartment has a spacious living room with a workstation and a kitchenette. Being on the ground floor and facing the courtyard gardens, means that though this may not be the most illuminated apartment in the building, it does mean that it is one of the most peaceful. The wooden floor provides warmth and comfort.