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Margarita Arguelles

Enjoy his work in the apartment:

Margarita Argúelles Retrato

Margarita Argüelles is an unusual woman who all her life has played -without much success- to be normal.

Her good taste is legendary, everything she touches acquires with it a new and relaxed charm, she has managed to create a magical microcosm of houses and things, recipes and gardens, timeless and elegantly eccentric. Margarita paints all her life, portrayed with skill and grace what she saw around her, people, still lifes, flowers, salons, landscapes… And he did it well.


Apartamento Carvalhino

The large windows of this semi-interior holiday apartment look out over the interior courtyard that is enlivened by the garden and the sound of the water playing in the fountain, while a series of high windows capture the morning light from Rua de Entre Quintas. This holiday apartment has a spacious living room with a workstation and a kitchenette. Being on the ground floor and facing the courtyard gardens, means that though this may not be the most illuminated apartment in the building, it does mean that it is one of the most peaceful. The wooden floor provides warmth and comfort.